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This is one of the few things at Costco that I wish came in a larger pack. Inside the big box, you get four individual boxes — one for each variety — so you can store them a little more easily and keep them organized. Except for the fudge bars, all of the ice cream treats are made with light vanilla ice cream as in light on fat and calories. The sundae cones are the highest in calories at , next is the ice cream bars with calories, there are calories in the ice cream sandwiches, and just little calories in the fudge bars. My mom loves ice cream.

So, she was very pleased to see this little variety pack show up at her Costco recently. She wanted me to pass along that she thinks hese are really good and a terrific buy. So, in case you missed my subtle hints about it, these ice cream bars are something my mom bought this week at her Costco in Kansas City yes, the US.

Well, if you entered the contest then surely you watched to see if you were the lucky winner. Or, you can put off watching it until Sunday April 29 when it is on at 3 am Eastern. I guess, that Sunday time is really more like Saturday night to most people. But nonetheless you have some viewing options. And of course, since all of those times are Eastern time, if you live on the west coast that 3 am time is only midnight for you. Even I can stay up that late. Well, my DVR certainly can at least. This safety recall affects Costco Canada shoppers. Between July and March , Costco Canada sold around 57, of the recalled Testarossa hair dryers that are manufactured by Conair and have a Costco item number of If you purchased one of these hair dryers, stop using it immediately.

There is a defect in the hair dryer, which could cause cracking or failure of an internal screw boss which holds the motor mount to the housing. The cracking or failure of the screw boss may cause small plastic or metal parts to become loose and potentially eject from the front of the dryer during consumer usage. The model number can be found near the certification label on the handle of the hair dryer. Fortunately, neither Conair nor Health Canada have received reports of injuries as a result of the defect. However, Conair is proceeding with a voluntary recall of the dryers. You can have Conair replace the hair dryer with a comparable model by calling their toll free number 1.

Or, if you would prefer, you can return the unit to Costco for a full refund. If you have other questions or concerns, you can find more information at www. There seems to be a lot of news about new Costco locations this month, especially after the little bit of news to report in March.

Lots of progress on locations that we all knew were coming and a few rumours surfacing again about Wichita. As you can clearly see from the photo sent to me recently thanks, Tyler! It looks like things are moving along quite well with the new location in Pittsfield Township, near Ann Arbor.

The opening dat has been set as June 29, ; so just two months away! Everyone waiting for the new Costco location to open is very lucky because the opening date is a whole month earlier than it was originally set. The new warehouse will be ,square-foot with parking spaces and a gasoline station. You can apply online through the Costco application website this link goes right to the page for openings at the Pittsfield Township location. MrsMawbs 0 0 Comments. DebbieR 0 0 Comments. Deal Alerts! Telegram Notification.

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Bikertov 1 1 Comment. You would need a shopping trolley to lift 40 items :p. Use the voucher code at checkout.

Might be useful for someone! GeenBeen 3 3 Comments. Bikertov 7 7 Comments. PoundlandHelp Crevicekid - if you contact customer services they can help you if you provide your order number. All the best Lynsey crevicekid Didn't make any difference for me, despite it saying discount was applied : Bikertov I often spend that - I regularly buy their plastic party cups for the office. KGorman Cheers. Everything helps at this time of year! Wongy oO A friendly word of advice you don't seem to post on here much but when you do try and keep your comments positive and informative : panddda Yes, I think it's probably finished - got an email a week or so ago saying that there was just one week left to use the discount, so that must be it up now.

Looks like they stopped it. Anyone else having the same problem?

LemonHead Worked for me too. Thanks OP. It was just nuts and seeds though, I was annoyed there was no dried fruit in the mix hukduserr used it today. The voucher is valid from Friday 27th February until Sunday 8th March inclusive. Purchase necessary. Dazzler99 You should save picture then crop it to print out, otherwise you will run your printer out of red ink!

Lloytron I know this is a joke, but tbh not everything in Poundland costs a pound. Lloytron lol the 'purchase necessary' condition. Stick with us and never miss out on the biggest and best Target coupons, because we've never met a discount we didn't like. Find deals on exclusive Target collections and other brands you love. And don't forget legends like Lilly Pulitzer, 3. The list goes on and on.

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