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Is 7 about right to drop by for dinner Saturday? Originally Posted by cchampagne Out of places I've been in the triangle I'd put Angus about the level of Firebirds or Nantucket Grill in terms of quality of steak.

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Rays, Sullivans, Ruths Chris all better. All more expensive though. Originally Posted by rtp. Actually the Capital Grille is the best steakhouse in town these days when it comes to top quality steaks. Originally Posted by BC My understanding is that most high end steaks houses add butter to the steak immediately after its removed from the cooking surface, i. Corgi Dad.

As BC says, the steaks are probably cooked with oil and butter added later. Take a look at this video.

Note the marbling; it looks like the meat was shot with bird shot, but not lead pellets. No streaks of fat, just speckled throughout.

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That's characteristic of Wagyu beef. Originally Posted by GVoR. There was a tavern in the hotel I lived in for six months when I moved overseas that had great steak and the only way they served it was "Stone Steak". You got a side of garlic butter and a seared, but still raw steak, which you yourself cooked on a super hot stone they brought to your table.

Black Angus Steakhouse Coupons & Promo Codes

Not sure if it was basalt or granite or what, but it was a great steak and a pretty cool experience. Grab it now! Get Deal. Include my location. Recent Comments. Top Searches Discount qoo Send Comment. Your comment has been successfully submitted. However, it needs to be moderated before being displayed. There was an error encountered, please try again later. All rights reserved.

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Exclusive cuts aged to perfection! Served with choice of garden salad, spinach salad, Caesar salad, wedge salad, French onion soup or soup of the day. Plus choice of baked, stuffed, garlic mashed or sweet potato, thick or thin cut fries, baked onion, white rice or rice pilaf. Thanks JD! Recommended for two, or a challenge for one.

New York Strip 15oz. Maine Lobster Tail 16oz. SIDE dishes. Any combination of our menu items that you desire is available.