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There's no contract either so you can cancel at any time, and there are a few extra little perks like the ability to roll over unused data to the next month. But when they cut costs or increase the data, they often serve up some genuinely tasty deals.

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This is one of those We like this effort very much because it mixes affordability with flexibility - you can ditch the network altogether at any time. And not a MB of your data allowance will be used up when using social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat or Instagram. What's more, this is a 5G SIM, so will get extra speed to your 5G-ready phone when in the right areas. And then you get all of Three's usual bonuses like Go Roam, Go Binge and its Wuntu app for added perks - plus, for a limited time, you'll get the first 6 months for half the cost.

1. Your tariff

View this reduced all-you-can-eat deal at Three. Loads of data and the UK's fastest 4G connection speeds. We really like this effort from the usually-overpriced EE. It's just really well balanced for a SIM plan at the lower end of the data spectrum.

Unlimited calls and texts, too. Lovely stuff. On the contrary, we currently have this tariff up in our coveted Editor's Pick position. For less than a tenner per month, you get a decent 8GB of data, unlimited everything else and all of Three's usual perks see above. Just splendid. View this fantastic SIM only deal from Three. View this deal at Three. If you a want to save some money; b don't want to be tied into a lengthy contract; or c both of the above, then SIM only is well worth considering.

In fact, you're probably one of two people if your thoughts are indeed turning to SIM only:. It can be. It's usually the case when a flagship phone hits the market and contracts are made deliberately expensive. Not all the savings you can make are as extravagant, and on big data it's frequently more cost effective to dive into a contract instead.

But if you can afford to splash a few hundred pounds up front then the savings over the next couple of years could well be worth it. The times have passed since most phones were locked to a network and you had to pay a dodgy backstreet 'engineer' to unlock it. Nowadays, it's standard practice for networks to let you use whatever SIM you want in the phone as soon as you've paid up the original contract or earlier if you pay them a fee - and Three ships all its handsets unlocked from the outset.

The exception, alas, is Apple iPhones. They're generally sold locked to the original network that you purchase them with for the life of the handset.

SIM only deals

Very frustrating if you're looking for a tasty SIM deal once your 24 month sentence is up. The good news is that your iPhone or any other mobile before the end of your contract can be unlocked - the bad news is that most networks make you pay for the privilege. Insert a friend or family member's SIM into your phone to see whether it's already unlocked and, if it isn't, look for your network below to see how to cut ties with them:.

There are three sizes of SIM card that you can get for your phone, and the one you need will depend on your handset. It's been a while since the traditional, so-called standard SIM 15x25mm has genuinely been the staple in new phones. Instead, any phone you've bought within the last five or so years is much more likely to require a micro 12x15mm or nano 8. Before you purchase your new SIM, double-check the manufacturer's website to see what size you require. And if you're simply not sure, most networks now simply send out a triple SIM, so you'll get one of each size.

Three's SIM only plans

After submitting your PAC Code on that page, your phone number transfer will be scheduled by Three normally for the next working day. For step-by-step instructions on transferring a phone number to Three , please select your current mobile network from the drop-down menu below:. Your current mobile network More Options.

Vodafone rivals Three Mobile with the launch of these ultimate data deals

For more information about transferring a phone number between mobile networks, see our guide to using a PAC Code. We'd love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have.

Best Sim only Deals: Compare the best offers from £5 a month

So far, we've received comments from readers. You can add your own comment here. Hi Ken. My initial plan was to get a 30 days SIM card which I can use on my spare iPhone as a hotspot while I can still keep my own phone with my local sim just in case there is emergency call while I am not in my country. In my case can you suggest any other sim which I can get while I arrive at London next week? Thank you in advance your advise. Hi Shirley, Many thanks for your comment.

They allow you to tether at no extra charge, and have some rates in the UK. Hi John, Thanks for your comment. Load more comments Epic Deal. Turn Reward Points into free rewards. Find out more. No need to top up. Frequently Asked Questions Is Three unlimited data really unlimited? Are Three's unlimited data plans 5G Ready? Can you get unlimited mobile broadband plans? What other networks offer unlimited data plans? Blog News Reviews Guides.

Compare Three Mobile deals

Pay As You Go With low rates that don't expire. Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly plans with a host of extras. Go Binge.

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EU roaming. Tethering up to 30GB. Travel Upgrades. Unlimited data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts Lasts for 30 days. Unlimited data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts Lasts for 90 days. Severe speed restrictions on cheaper plans 25GB roaming limit. No speed restrictions European Roaming. Not 5G Ready 20GB roaming limit. Virgin Mobile.