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It also comes with a selective Fish ID feature, which uses fish symbols instead of arches, making reading a lot easier. If you are on the market for the best ice fishing flashers under , then this fish flasher by Vexilar is the ideal choice for you. It has a simple, user-friendly design and a rugged exterior made to take a pounding. Ice fishing icon Dave Genz did a good job in making the Genz Pack virtually indestructible by adding a universal transducer holder system and reinventing the battery storage compartment. The FL Genz Pack comes with a fully-enhanced battery storage compartment, instructional video, and a universal transducer holder system.

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It features its famed three-color sonar flasher, which displays your strong targets in red, medium targets in orange, and weak ones in green. The unit is equipped with super-bright LED technology, which enables clear visibility even in direct sunlight. What this means is that you can enjoy using the ice flasher both in the winter and summer days. The Vexilar FL is not only a depth finder, it does an excellent job finding fish as well!

The Genz Blue Box is able to contain a full line of accessories, which include the flex light, battery status indicator, and a dual beam transducer. The Genz Pack features a specially-designed base that can fit on top of a 5-gallon bucket and a pre-tapped transducer support eye-bolt hole. Engineered with a built-in Interference Rejection switch, the Vexilar FL Genz Pack is ideal for use both during the winter and summer.

Its six-depth range settings allow you to fish down up to ft. The eight-step, adjustable switch enables you to remove any interference between you and another depth finder. This technology allows you to use two depth finders simultaneously within the same boat and have two Genz Pack units close together without being bothered by any annoying interference. Vexilar FL Genz Pack comes with an ice-ducer transducer that works by transmitting and receiving sonar waves and picking up the signals that bounced off of underwater objects.

The transducer then accepts the signal as data, then translates it into an image that the user can view and understand.

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Reflecting over a decade of cutting-edge design transformation, the LX-7 has been revolutionized with the perfect synergy between digital fishfinding technologies and sonar DNA from MarCum LX Flasher. Flaunting a foolproof, ingenious design and updatable software, the LX-7 has all the markings of an incredible ice fish finder.

The Marcum LX-7 Fishfinder features a large, xpixel screen, with an excellent resolution, allowing for easy reading of the display. One of the most essential features of a fish finder, the screen allows up to five windows for underwater viewing. It includes a vertical zoom, widescreen graph, and circular flasher.

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It is a crucial component, as it will help you clearly differentiate between fish targets size-wise. You have four color palettes to choose from: one gray-scale, one six-color, and two three-color. Its six-color scheme allows you to get an in-depth date on the size of the fish. Flasher with zoom.

Large Flasher. Veritical Mode. Its multifaceted Sonar Footprint Technology is powerful enough to reach deep areas. With its wide range of settings, you can easily customize the fish finder to make it suit your fishing needs and conditions. You can adjust the zoom feature to get a clearer view of small targets, fine-tune the sensitivity to detect smaller targets, traverse between cone angles, change the color indicators of the target, modify the level of IR, and many more.

The software is upgradable to enhance the performance of the device, allowing the user to take advantage of the latest technology.

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To achieve the best results, you can customize the settings according to your task. While the Helix 5, given its unique and ergonomic features, is popular among many users, its ice fishing GPS capabilities stop short of picking up waypoints. The Garmin Striker 5, on the other hand, covers a lot more waypoints and offers excellent readability; and for all the features it provides, it is amazingly modestly priced.

This optional transducer simplifies installations by allowing anglers to get all their sonar with only one transducer install.

StructureMap can be viewed as an overlay, and toggled on and off to provide the ultimate in situational awareness in relation to both chart and bottom detail. Specifications Display: 12 in. Clearest Possible SideScan Views The StructureScan 3D transducer design has been enhanced with an increased number of sensors for greater imaging performance.

Combine custom HD and 3D views to increase your understanding of how fish relate to cover and to search fishing areas more effectively. The most recently scanned area is represented by red fan-shaped markers directly under the boat. Leading Edge also includes a depth scale that shows greater depth detail as you zoom in, giving you a better sense of target depth. Vertical Enhancement Makes Even The Slightest Depth Changes More Visible This feature is a user-selectable scale that applies onscreen emphasis to vertical drops and crucial depth contour changes, making them easier to identify relative to the surrounding underwater terrain.

Use the waypoint keypad to save a waypoint at the boat location, or switch to cursor mode, and save a waypoint over specific targets, baitfish or cover. Manufacturer Part Number: Downloadable Products. See similar items.

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Lowrance Active Imaging Model: Just plug it in and fish, it's that easy. Hook TripleShot. Transom bracket. Waterproof Yes, IPX Never used.

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Expanded features, imagery and coverage on 5 regional cards. High-Res Bathy. Free 1-year subscription to GoFree Premium 1yr subscription. They are new but they are not in the original packaging. They will come as shown in the pictures. It has 2 female connections and 1 male connection. For more information, please contact a dealer in your area.

For shipping outside of the continental United States please inquire about shipping cost before bidding. Available views include water and land, water only and land only- Preset depth shading palettes, including safety shading- Includes fishing regulations, records and ID photos- Free 1-year subscription to C-MAP Genesis Edge custom mapping service. Survey-quality contour data - 1-foot contour coverage, visible even at wide,zoom levels. Just plug it in and fish.

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  • Yes, it's that easy. Transducer Type: TripleShot transducer. Free 1-year subscription to GoFree Premium. Lowrance Elite9 Ti2 Model: With the new Elite Ti, you get more advanced fishfinding features and connectivity, without the premium price. With new smartphone notification capability built into Elite Ti, you can keep your eyes on the fish and never miss another text or call; or turn off notifications for uninterrupted fishing. With new smartphone notification capability built into Elite Ti2, you can keep your eyes on the fish and never miss another text or call; or turn off notifications for uninterrupted fishing.