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Dumpster dive the newspaper recycling bins! No shame in that recycling game. Just make sure the unused bits go back in the recycle bin. Sometimes you just want the free with purchase item - but don't really need anything. What you need is the cheapest filler item you can find. This is a normal stocked item that retails for 49 cents. However they are often and by often I mean almost always on "sale" for 29 cents.

It is a crazy deal by itself, but if you pair it with a free with purchase item it makes it amazing. Not only are they cheap but they are useful.

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By comparison the loose 1 Phillips drill bits are 67 cents on sale - 69 cents retail. Actually, every super coupon I've read the fine print on says it can't be used on tool storage, or carts. I would've already bought one if I could've ever found one that allowed it. Super frustrating. The coupons automatically update. The cashier scans the coupons from your Android phone and you don't have to worry about collecting, saving, losing, damaging, expiration dates or forgetting to bring the coupons with you.

The app always has more variety of coupons than I have ever been able to physically collect and they don't disappear after being used. Use them over and over again until they expire! Question 1 year ago. Question 1 year ago on Step 1. I bought a set of wheels for my generador and then they are on sale with a coupon ,what can i do? Answer 1 year ago. They should be able to do a price adjustment, as long as you have your original receipt, and bring the coupon as well.

BUT, their policy does state "Coupon not valid on any of the following: prior purchases". If they will not honor it, you could always buy them with the coupon, then return them using the original receipt. As long as it's within 90 days. Good luck.

We just got a harbor freight and I am so excited. Can they scan the coupons i receive through email of off my phone, or do i have to print out the coupon to use it in store? What is the cheapest item available in the store so I can still use the free coupon? Drill bit? Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. Funny you should ask. I've been looking around for that very answer for a while. I've found that the 1 Phillips drill bit inserts run about cents.

That is cheap but the Snap Utility Knife which is often found on or near the counter is 49 cents retail but has been on sale for 29 cents for as long as I can remember. Reply 3 years ago. I have heard of people getting the lathes at a cheap price. How would you go about finding out how to purchase it the cheapest way? If you go to struggleville. At Harbor Freight almost no item is ever sold at the list price.

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This makes it hard to set up any kind of alerts. I have a question, all the coupons say limit one coupon per customer per day. Does this mean if I have 5 different coupons I can't go in and buy all 5 different items? Plus use a freebie coupn?

Great question. In my experience you can use one specific item coupon per day - but you can use multiple different coupons at the same time. So lets say you had a discount coupon for a set of screwdrivers, a tarp, a free screw driver. You can use all of them. Now you can not use two free item coupons in the same day. Hope that helps!

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AAA also has coupons for Harbor freight, we picked up so many the store thought they were going to run out of business! They are in one of the promotional magazines and the coupons are all "Free without purchase" walk in, grab the item, throw the coupon down and walk out!

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By More Cowbell Follow. More by the author:. About: I'm a computer engineer - but please don't judge me by that. I heat with wood, fix broken things and love camping with my family. I'm a closet solar nerd, love coupons, not scared to dumpster dive and love I love Harbor Freight. I love Harbor Freight coupons, deals and the free things I get there. Add Teacher Note. You still need to check the item number to make sure you are getting the correct item. A few quick pointers They do work with with items on sale Check the expiration date before checking out Don't attempt to put it with another coupon on the same item.

Organize these the same way and in the same envelope as the free items. Red Plum insert Smart Source Insert Loose single page insert in advertisements USA Weekend insert Website and email - packed with printable coupons Specialty magazines: Offroad, woodworking, motorcycles, sports cars - etc. Participated in the Teach It!

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